Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that, like most frequently asked questions, most of these were created well before anyone actually asked us anything, so it's altogether likely that any questions you do have won't be answered here at all. Sorry.

Q. This is weird.

A. That isn't a question. Try again.

Q. Why is this so weird?

A. Shut up.

Q. What, exactly, is postmodernism?

A. “Postmodernism is characterized by a collapse of faith in metanarratives… In postmodernity, nothing is fixed, and old certainties—from faith in science, or Marxism, to belief in a stable self—are gone. Consumerism provides satisfaction. Globalization both universalizes and alienates…”*

CampusMatch, on the other hand, would be considered post-post-modern, better known simply as po'-po'-mo'.

Q. What, exactly, is CampusMatch?

A. CampusMatch is a student-created compatibility matching service for college students, started at Wesleyan University in 2002 as It is a sort of networking web, a matchmaking matrix, a sprawling compatibility rhizome throwing out its shoots and tendrils in all directions, through which all of its bulbous and starchy users are endlessly interconnected. It's not a dating site, nor a hookup service (though if you're lucky, it may land you both). It's not a social networking site either—though it may help you find new friends, if that's your bag. It is a tool to help bring college students together in meaningful ways, and, as such, its uses are limited only by the imaginations of its users.

Q. Does it really work?

A. Probably not, which might make for some pretty interesting first dates. Theoretically, though, the scores should be accurate—there's quite a bit of fancy computer science stuff going on behind the scenes. Of course, even if the algorithms are correct, it's up to you to decide whom you'd be compatible with, so if you end up with some wacko, it's most likely your own damn fault.

Q. You've never met me. How do you know whom I'd be most compatible with?

A. We at CampusMatch Network, Inc., have assembled a crack team of personality experts who have spent countless sleepless, vegan-cookie-fueled nights creating and refining a multiple-choice questionnaire so incisive that it is capable of delving into all of the warm and buttery nooks and crannies of your psyche, revealing your deepest needs, hottest desires, darkest secrets, and a whole bunch of other descriptive adjective/noun combinations that are beyond the scope of this text and will not be discussed here. Besides, you foolish humans are really all the same. It's pathetic.

Q. Who are you?

A. A couple of bored computer geeks from Wesleyan and their friends.

Q. No, really.

A. Yes, really.

Q. Can I at least contact you to tell you that your site is offensive, culturally insensitive, not working on my computer, or altogether useless?

A. No.

Q. Can I at least contact you to tell you that your site is great?

A. Sure.

* From   Those wild Brits…